Welcome to the Kiss Generator project page


This project is intended to create a program which allows the user to create different models using the Kiss Modelling Language (www.kiss.nl). The program will then create a full web-application (framework) which runs on a php/mysql combination. This project is developed at the "Hogeschool Zuyd" University in Heerlen (The Netherlands). However, being an Open Source project, other contributions are welcome.
For internal project management at the "Hogeschool Zuyd" there is a seperate part of the website available here. It's password protected.....


Currently there are no downloads available. We're still developing a lot of the code. You could pull the current source code from CVS and compile it yourselves. To work with the program i'll recommend the 0.1 release tag, because the current development version has changed a lot. Probally it won't even work....


User & developer documentation can be found here.